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Cat City
Theatrical release poster
Directed byBéla Ternovszky
Written byJózsef Nepp
Produced byRomán Kunz
  • Mária Neményi
  • Csaba Nagy
  • György Varga
Edited byMagda Hap
Music byTamás Deák
Jimmy Giuffre
Distributed byMokép
Release date
  • 2 October 1986 (1986-10-02)
Running time
85 minutes
  • Canada
  • Hungary
  • West Germany

Cat City (Hungarian: Macskafogó (Cat Catcher)) is a 1986 Hungarian adult animated comic science fiction film, directed by Béla Ternovszky and written by József Nepp.[2] The title Cat City was used in the United States distribution.[3] The film was selected as the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 59th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.[4]

The film is a parody of several famous feature films, mainly the James Bond series. It tells the story of a special agent who is sent to the city of "Pokyo" to obtain the secret plans of a machine that could save mouse society. Of course, the cats don't want this to happen, and send some rat gangsters to stop special agent, who don't always prove as efficient as they initially seem.[5] The film has developed a cult following in the years since its release.[6][7] A musical based on the film premiered in December 2011.[8]


In year 80 AM (Anno Mickey Mouse), the mice of Planet X are threatened by humiliation and total apocalypse. The well-organized, fully equipped gangs of evil cats are aiming for the total obliteration of mice, not caring for the old conventions between mice and cats. But in the last moment, when the mouse leaders are beginning to consider leaving the planet, a new hope rises...[9]


Gabriella Székely of Filmvilág gave a mixed review, calling it a "stereotype Gangster film which ends with a happy ending"[10]

Home media[edit]

In 2023, Deaf Crocodile Films announced a Blu-ray release of the film, the first time ever in the United States. The release will be based on a restoration by National Film Institute Hungary.[11]

In other media[edit]

A comic book adaptation, illustrated by József Nepp, Béla Ternovszky, and Zoltán Maros was released in 1987.[12]

A musical based on the film, adapted by Róbert Szikora and Attila Valla, premiered in December 2011.[8]

Sequel: Cat City 2: The Cat of Satan[edit]

Production of the sequel Cat City 2: The Cat of Satan (Hungarian: Macskafogó 2 – A sátán macskája) started in September 2005. It was made on a budget of about 600 million HUF.[13] The story of Cat City 2 centers around an investigative journalist named Stanley Mouse, who wants to find out about the legend of an ancient "cat tribe" lost in Africa. He finds them and much more, once again threatening the continued existence of mouse civilization. Special Agent Grabowsky will act to save the day, however. The events are supposed to take place some 20 years after the first episode, as one of the already leaked cells shows the titular Cat-Catcher mecha rusting away in a shelter, and a grown-up child of some character appears in the plot.[14]

Premiering on December 20, 2007, by January 2008 it had made the Hungarian Box Office Top Ten for 6 consecutive weeks.[15] It was the most watched Hungarian film in 2008.[16]

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