Zeno (crater)

Coordinates: 45°12′N 72°54′E / 45.2°N 72.9°E / 45.2; 72.9
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Oblique Lunar Orbiter 4 image
Coordinates45°12′N 72°54′E / 45.2°N 72.9°E / 45.2; 72.9
Diameter65 km
Colongitude288° at sunrise
EponymZeno of Citium

Zeno is a lunar impact crater located near the northwestern limb of the Moon. It lies to the east-southeast of the crater Mercurius. Farther to the east of Zeno, along the limb, is the well-formed crater Boss.

The rim of Zeno is slightly distorted and has received some erosion due to subsequent impacts. There is a depression in the surface attached to the eastern rim, forming a bulging extension. Small craters lie on the southern rim and across the interior of the northern wall. The crater Zeno B is attached to the exterior of the southwestern rim, and the distorted Zeno A is attached in turn to the western rim of Zeno B.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Zeno.

Zeno Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 44.5° N 70.0° E 44 km
B 44.0° N 71.0° E 37 km
D 45.0° N 71.2° E 29 km
E 41.7° N 70.8° E 18 km
F 42.4° N 80.0° E 17 km
G 43.9° N 73.1° E 11 km
H 41.4° N 74.4° E 17 km
J 44.2° N 76.3° E 13 km
K 42.8° N 66.6° E 18 km
P 43.4° N 66.1° E 11 km
U 42.5° N 68.8° E 16 km
V 43.0° N 69.3° E 22 km
W 43.3° N 67.6° E 10 km
X 43.6° N 76.9° E 17 km