French Confederation of Management – General Confederation of Executives

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French Confederation of Management - General Confederation of Executives
Confédération Française de l'Encadrement CGC
FoundedOctober 15, 1944
HeadquartersParis, France
Key people
François Hommeril, president
Gérard Mardiné, secretary general

The French Confederation of Management – General Confederation of Executives (French: Confédération française de l'encadrement - Confédération générale des cadres, CFE-CGC) is one of the five major French confederations of trade unions.

It only organizes unions for professional employees, with higher education and/or in management or executive positions. It originated from several former unions of engineers in 1945. Its leader is François Hommeril.

Professional Elections[edit]

The CFE-CGC won 8.19% of the vote in the employee's college during the 2008 professional elections, its best result to date. It had won 7.01% in 2002.


The following federations and unions are affiliated:

  • Federation of the food industry (CFE-CGC Agro)
  • Federation of Water and Sanitation (FDEA CFE-CGC)
  • Insurance Federation
  • Federation of Chemistry
  • Constructio federation
  • Federation of Culture, Communication and Entertainment (FCCS CFE-CGC)
  • Federation of Sales Forces (CSN CFE-CGC)
  • Federation of air trades (FNEMA CFE-CGC)
  • Federation of finance and banking professions (SNB Services)
  • Federation of Public Services (CFE-CGC FP)
  • Transport Federation
  • Federation of Commerce and Services (FNECS CFE-CGC
  • Federation of Mines Supervision (FNEM CFE-CGC)
  • Energy Federation CFE-CGC
  • Federation enermine
  • Media Federation 2000 (CFE-CGC Media)
  • Metallurgy Federation
  • National Federation CFE-CGC of ports and chambers of commerce and industry (SNECA)
  • National Federation of Hotel, Catering and Sports (CFE-CGC INOVA)
  • National Federation of Management Staff of IT Service Companies (FIECI)
  • National union CFE-CGC of executives in the service of employment (CFE-CGC Apec)
  • Union social protection health CFE-CGC (UP2S health)
  • Union social protection health CFE-CGC (UP2S social security)
  • Union for social health protection of Provident and Supplementary Retirement Institutions and Schemes (UP2S IPRC)
  • Territorial union CFE-CGC of New Caledonia
  • Local union (UL)
  • The departmental union (UD)
  • The regional union (UR)
  • The Confederation


1944: Jean Ducros
1956: André Malterre
1975: Yvan Charpentié
1979: Jean Menu
1984: Paul Marchelli
1993: Marc Vilbenoît
1999: Jean-Luc Cazettes
2005: Bernard Van Craeynest
2013: Carole Couvert
2016: François Hommeril